The Top Performing Images to Use On Social Media

If we asked what the best types of images to maximize impressions and performance on social media what would you say? 

Making your images stand-out can be difficult, but we all know how important social media is for your business. There are certain images that perform well on Instagram; and knowing how and when to use these types of images can greatly impact how your business attracts new potential clients, and grows a social following. 

So, which types of images perform best on social media? For the sake of this post we are going to focus on Instagram, since we strongly believe that it is the top performing platform for lead generation and growth (but that is a whole other blog post). 

Here are the top 5 types of posts that you should be using in your social media: 

2. Images With Product Tags 

Now that Instagram is shoppable (which may mean it’s a good time to update your website so that you can utilize this feature) posting images with Product Tags is a game changer. This small little feature can turn a post into a sale. And it’s been proven that images with tags actually perform better anyway. Plus, added bonus, you can use the feature to send traffic to your website. Now we are talking serious win-win.


2. Instagram Multi-Image Posts

This is a great way to tell a better story. Or, add details and show vs. tell (we are all about that). This can enhance a users experience and create better interaction with, not only the one particular post, but your enter feed and thus, your brand. Plus it keeps a user on your imager longer which helps a post perform better. 

3. Moving Images 

Is anyone sick of boomerangs yet? Truth be told (kind of) but moving images outperform almost any still image. Gifs are also a huge way to boost interactions and engagement. You have 8 seconds to capture a users attention. Making something move is a way to stop them in their scroll. 

4. User-generated content 

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No, this is not about stealing other users’ content. User-generated content (UGC) is the biggest thing in digital marketing and social media right now. Why? Because, again, it shows vs. tells and is social proof from your raving fans. Instagram is all about sharing valuable content. Sharing high quality content is exactly why social media is successful. It gives your clients a voice and a direct way to connect with your brand. Share the love. Share the post. 

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5. Contests and Giveaway 

instagram giveaway Let’s be honest, we all love getting something for free. Utilizing a giveaway is an incredible way to drive traffic to your profile and increase interaction. Added benefits include promoting a product and giving back to your following or client base. 

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