Step Into a World Where Your Work Speaks Louder Than Words

At South Made Marketing, we're not just another digital marketing agency; we're a playground for the imaginative, the creative, the bold. We believe in the magic of 'showing' rather than 'telling'. So, we ditched the traditional resume and cover letter routine. Instead, we invite you to peak our interest with your creativity and skills.

Here’s How You Can Apply

  1. No resume: Forget the formalities of a resume. Apply for any position without it.
  2. Showcase you: Whether it's a portfolio, a project, or any creative expression of your work, let that be your voice.
  3. Share your journey: Share the story behind your work.  We love hearing about your challenges, triumphs, and the insights you’ve gained, or why you think you're the perfect fit for our team. 
  4. Get to know South Made: Follow and engage with us on social media, read our digital marketing blog, subscribe to our digital marketing newsletter; see if you feel you'd be a good fit for our culture.

Current Openings at South Made Marketing

No current openings. 

Projected Openings at South Made Marketing

  • Content Creator - Fall 2024
  • Social Media Coordinator - Fall 2024
  • Digital Designer- TBD 

Build Your Own Career

Can’t find a perfect fit? Create it! If you have a vision for a role that doesn't yet exist but should, in the realm of digital marketing, tell us:

  1. Propose Your Role: Describe the role you imagine and why it's essential.
  2. Explain Your Value: How will this role contribute uniquely to South Made Marketing?
  3. Strategize Success: Outline your plan to make this role a triumph.
  4. Demonstrate Your Experience: Share relevant experiences that empower you for this innovative role.

Why Join South Made Marketing?

You’re not just joining a digital marketing team; you're becoming part of a group of creatives that value ideas, innovation, and efficiency. We're a group of dreamers and doers, creating unforgettable digital experiences. But we want to have a good time while we do it. 

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to see what you bring to the table.

Ready to apply?

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