Our Co-Founder, Melissa, was a high school English teacher for 10 years before entering the marketing world. Because of this experience, South Made puts a very high value in creating learning environments for students where they can get on the job training and experience before entering the work force.

We put such a strong emphasis on the experience garnered from an internship that almost 90% of our full-time staff were initially interns for South Made. The training and full immersion into the daily tasks of a marketing firm can not be gained through any other avenue.

We offer Fall, Spring and Summer Internships. Most of our internships last for a semester, however some can turn into a part time position or full-time position upon graduation.

Full time positions are offered to graduating interns/part time employees first.

Internship Opportunities are available in the following areas:

Our interview process is multi level:

  1. First we ask for all potential applicants to apply without sending a resume. We want you to SHOW vs TELL. Show us what you can do instead of telling us.
  2. Our team will evaluate all interested students and assign various assignments as part of the application process so we can learn more about the creative potential of each applicant.
  3. Interviews are scheduled with those who are the most creative and peek our interest.

Once selected we work to create a flexible schedule for the intern to be in the Knoxville office with our staff. Most interns work 10-20 hours per week.

Each intern will set 3 goals for their internship. Interns are encouraged to float between a wide variety of marketing tasks while at South Made, This enhances the experience and helps our interns find which specific areas interests them most.

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