5 Questions to Help You Pick the Right Social Media Management Company

The power of social media marketing is hard to overlook. 42% of internet users say that they utilize social platforms to find out more information about brands. Besides, 27% add that they discovered new brands through social media last year.

Good social media management can work magic for your brand’s digital marketing strategies. You can reach out and interact with your followers, presenting an excellent opportunity for your target audience to find out more about your company. A healthy discussion can help you convert them into paying clients.

But how do you find the right agency to manage your social media accounts? Here are five questions whose answers can guide you to the right company for the job.

1. What Are Your Goals and Desired Outcomes?

The first step to social media management is to outline what you wish to achieve through your accounts accurately. The goals you set will form a foundation for the strategies to undertake and how to measure the success of your campaigns. You may want to increase brand awareness, generate leads, boost your revenues, improve engagement or create an online community. The right agency will work with you to assist you in the goal-setting, depending on the desired outcome.

2. Can They Provide Proof of Concept?

You would want social media services provided by expert managers with a proven track record. You need to find a company with successful case studies within your industry. Request the agency for links to social media campaigns that they are running at the moment. Analyze the results and see if they align with your business targets. A company with documented success in campaigns for a similar business in your industry is highly recommended.

3. What KPIs and Metrics with They Use to Measure Success?

After setting your goals, you may need to clarify how the social media management firm will define the success of its efforts. You may need to get regular reports, preferably monthly, on the metrics and KPIs agreed upon. You can think of analytics such as social media reach, engagement, growth, web traffic, and lead generation from your accounts.

4. How Many Clients Do Their Managers Handle?

Often overlooked by most brands, the manager-client accounts ratio is a vital metric to keep in mind. Staff with too many handles and platforms to manage may find it difficult to provide the right level of engagement for your digital marketing targets. Be wary of social media management companies that will over-promise and overwork their employees in the process.

5. What’s Their Pricing Model?

As a business executive, you may be out looking for ways to improve the bottom line for your company. You may need to determine the costs of hiring the agency. Some digital marketing companies will offer social media management as a wholesome package, including SEO, web design, and hosting. Agree on the right pay model that aligns with your marketing budget estimates.

Finding the right social media management firm is critical to the success of your online engagement and increasing your brand awareness. For social media services in Knoxville, TN, reach out to South Made. Our experts are ready and willing to discuss your needs regarding the different platforms and handles.

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