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Local, Reliable Website Hosting

At South Made, we know how important your website is. In this extremely online world, almost everything your customers do starts with a smartphone and a Google search. Now more than ever, your website is the public face of your business, brand, and personality. An ugly, slow, or outdated web presence will drive customers away; a great one works as some of the best advertising you can create for your business! What can upgrading your web hosting do for you?
  • Increase site speed, making your site more attractive to users and search engines
  • Increase reliability, reducing errors, networking issues, and downtime, so your site is always available
  • Provide space for your site to grow without having to worry about bandwidth limits or throttles
  • Reduce the threat of hacking or malware
  • Access 24-hour support, with an IT team available when you need them the most

Web Hosting For PPC

When a potential customer clicks on your Google ads, the next thing they see is your landing page. A recent HubSpot study showed that the average PPC landing page has a bounce rate of 70 to 90 percent... meaning that at least seven out of every ten clicks on a typical ad are lost to bounce. What does this mean for you? That you paid for people to click on your ads, but never buy anything from you, contact you, or even look any deeper into your website than the landing page. How can you fix this? You need a compelling landing page. South Made are expert Knoxville, TN web developers with the experience and creativity to develop landing pages that keep customers interested and drive conversions. But no matter how engaging your page is, even the best content can fall short without the premium web hosting to support it. Fast, reliable web hosting is essential to keep customers on your site. Every second your landing page takes to load increases your bounce rate by an average of 5% and reduces how many pages your customer views by 15% or more. While there are other on-page optimizations you can consider to speed up your page, the one solution that always works is upgrading to a better server. Typical cheap shared hosting environments can have hundreds or thousands of accounts on one overloaded server, including your website, creating a traffic jam that eats up bandwidth, leading to slow load times and timeout errors. Having your website on a dedicated, scalable WordPress hosting environment like Liquid Web gives your site the space it needs to thrive, no matter how much traffic your PPC ads bring in.

Web Hosting For SEO

With the latest Page Experience Update 2021, Google has shifted its focus from linking and content to user experience, a potentially profound change in how the world's leading search engine processes the Internet. This update focuses on new ranking factors and emphasizes existing ones, that place much more importance on having fast, reliable, and secure web hosting than ever before. Here are some of the ways improving your website hosting can help:
  • Site Security: While secure sites already have a slight advantage in Google rankings, this update makes web hosting with working, updated HTTPS a must, rather than just a nice thing to have. Sites on non-secure servers will have a warning message sure to drive customers away before they even click.
  • Safe Browsing: Servers that are, or recently have been, hacked will also be penalized in Google rankings and served with an unsightly warning. Unlike shared hosting, managed web hosting plans offer dedicated server space and IP addresses at our own data centers. With managed website hosting, your software will always be up to date, and our security team also monitors the network for any malware or intrusions.
  • Site Speed: Three site speed factors are included in the Page Experience Update. While the actual implementation of these ranking factors is quite technical, the fundamentals are basic: a faster server will result in a faster page load. Upgrading to managed or dedicated WordPress hosting gives you and your team more control over your server and the power to speed up your site.
  • Site Stability: Sites that are down or load inconsistently have the potential to disappear from Google's index. Our reliable website hosting makes sure your site stays online, and our 24-hour support will help with any issues before you risk losing ranking, or business, from a downed website.

Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting?

Cheap web hosting might seem like the way to go for a while -- after all, once you build your website, you can set it and forget it, right? This is a mistake many first-time website owners make, with painful and expensive consequences. When the site goes down, who do you call? Do you try to find the developer who built your site? Do you ask your coworker who took a few tech classes in college? Do you end up throwing the whole thing away and starting from scratch? How many potential customers have you lost while your website was broken? When you consider just how bad it can be to be left without your website while you scramble to rebuild, managed WordPress hosting becomes a much more appealing option. Think of us as your insurance policy: when your site goes down, someone is watching over it, able to respond quickly as soon as there is an issue. Or, better yet, prevent these problems from happening altogether. Our managed WordPress hosting includes:
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth -- no metering or overages
  • Frequent, easily accessible backups
  • Core, theme, and plugin updates
  • Support for the latest versions of NGINX and PHP
  • Fast, reliable, and secure Linux servers
Work With South Made For Your Website Needs When you work with our Knoxville web design agency, we will handle every step of the process, from concept to reality. We have the experience to not only host your website but create a vision for your brand and business, designed to convert page visitors into repeat customers. Let us show you how the best web presence can set you apart from the competition. Call us at 865-214-7216 to get started!

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