Why Search Engine Optimization Still Matters in 2021

Why SEO? This is a common question on the lips of many marketers today. It seems every day there is a new strategy coming out that claims to be the Holy Grail for business owners. The ultra-competitive B2B market sphere makes it even harder for brands to determine what works and what doesn’t.

It is easy for an entrepreneur to become disillusioned by the countless strategies and tools presented to them. Some may even begin to doubt whether old-timers such as search engine optimization still work in 2021.

While most of the practices have evolved, SEO services remain relevant for most brands seeking to expand their market reach. Here are four reasons why:

1. User Experience Is at the Core

According to a popular survey by Backlinko, 68% of all online experiences begin with an online search. On top of that, 53% of website traffic coming from organic search. In May 2020, Google announced a raft of algorithm updates that will come into effect this year.

The “Core Web Vitals” will have the crawlers focus on metrics such as page load speed, responsiveness, cumulative layout shifts, and first input delay. Search engine optimization now focuses on bettering the user experience, which increases leads and conversion rates.

2. Search Intent Is the New Cornerstone

Gone are the days when a digital marketing company would focus and stuff keywords to rank higher on the search engines. Google’s 2019 BERT update showed that their AI is getting better at understanding and processing the context of user searches.

According to Ahrefs, 50% of search queries are four words or longer. It meant that sites that publish optimized content that matches what the user is actually searching for would rank higher. SEO professionals have to go back to the drawing board and craft content that provides more value to the reader than the pages that are currently ranking.

3. Optimization for Locally-Focused Businesses

The post-COVID recovery programs are now focused on helping local businesses thrive again. Search engine optimization remains one of the best strategies to attract local clients and put you on the road to success. According to a survey by Think with Google, 76% of users that search on their mobile phones for products or services nearby visit the business within a day.

Optimizing your keywords to local search can improve your online presence, setting you apart from your competitors. Digital marketing services such as South Made can help your brand fill out your Google My Business profile, update other online directory profiles, and conduct backlink outreach. All these efforts go a long way to increasing your visibility in local search.

4. Adoption of a Multichannel Approach

In many ways, search engine optimization continues to expand and fuse with other marketing strategies. SEO remains relevant in 2021 and savvy marketers should find ways to use content marketing alongside other exciting traffic channels such as social media management. SEO is a form of inbound marketing that broaden your brand’s reach through targeting long-tailed keywords. A multichannel approach can open up your business to a stream of new leads that you can funnel up for more conversions.

Streamline and Optimize Your SEO

While some traditional marketing strategies are slowly becoming obsolete, search engine optimization is here to stay. Streamline and optimize your brand’s local search through digital marketing services provided by South Made.

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