Why LinkedIn Needs to Be Part of Your Business Marketing

Staff Blog Series – Gabi

With technology constantly changing it is crucial for businesses to keep their marketing at top of mind. Businesses brand themselves to keep up with the day-to-day life of consumers. With the use of social media skyrocketing, it is easy for companies to get their name out directly to customers. Although, while this strategy is effective, millions of companies are using this same technique to get their name out; so, how do you make your company stand out? LinkedIn can help you achieve this goal.

LinkedIn hosts more than 575 million individuals around the globe. It is specifically designed for professional networking and job hunting, which is why keeping your business up to date on this platform is crucial. What does that mean for your business? LinkedIn offers you a vital opportunity to promote your company by showcasing your brand, incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO), educating and nurturing potential clients, and much more.

By utilizing a company LinkedIn page, you are allowing your business to reach your target audience. A company can also use this platform to promote your brand’s core values, to continually update what your company is doing, and to allow your company to show others out there who you really are.

Since Google trusts LinkedIn and LinkedIn has so much popularity, by creating a LinkedIn for your business, you are allowing LinkedIn’s own SEO capabilities to improve your brand. Unlike a personal LinkedIn page that is private, your company page is publicly visible, giving you massive opportunity to nurture your SEO. However, in order to get SEO results with LinkedIn, you need to look at this platform as a search engine like Google. Establishing a strong LinkedIn presence can help your company page rank both on and off LinkedIn, thus generating traffic to your company LinkedIn page and even your website.

LinkedIn is a great platform for educating not only your employees but also other individuals like your clients. LinkedIn was created to be a business networking tool. It is also an easy way to keep on top of industry trends just by simply checking your LinkedIn homepage. You also are given the opportunity to talk about your products and services on a regular basis on your business page. This is a great way to share useful information and establish your company as a leader in your industry. By sharing your knowledge and services in a LinkedIn post, you are allowing your business to appear on your followers news feed leading to quicker engagement.

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