Why a Good Mobile Design is Crucial to Your Brand

Owning a business website is a must for a brand looking to further its success. When building a website for your brand, ensure that you insist on having a good mobile design in addition to your desktop design. Here’s why a good mobile design is crucial for your brand.

Boosting Your Customer Reach

According to data from communication industry bodies, about 97% of American own some kind of cellphones. A significant number of these Americans who own cell phones have smartphones that they use as their primary gateway to the internet. Therefore, if your website has a good mobile design, these people with smartphones will have no challenges accessing it. This means that you can significantly increase your customer reach through your website.

Creating Stronger Relationships With the Market

Online marketing is the “it” thing in the business world now. Nearly every business runs several social media pages on more than one social media platform. Social media marketing allows brands to easily connect with their clients, share insights about their products, and receive customer feedback. Roughly 51% of mobile users check their social media feed 1 to 10 times every day and 25% do so 11 to 20 times daily. This means that you can rely on your mobile-friendly website to boost your social media engagements and create stronger relationships with the market.

Developing New Revenue Channels

You can also link your business website to your brand’s social media pages. If your website has a good mobile design, you can easily redirect your social media engagements to it. This allows you to set up an e-commerce page where clients from social media can make direct purchases of your products or services. Thus, you will have developed a new revenue channel for your brand.

Creating Access to Critical Data Insights

Building a website with an excellent mobile design means that you will have access to critical insights about your client base, such as the average age and demographic of your visitors. These insights will help you optimize your marketing strategy and product development to increase sales and scale your business. Taking advantage of data-driven decision-making can push your brand to become the market leader in your industry.

Before creating a website for your brand, it’s critical to conduct proper market research to figure out what your competition is doing and get creative with your website design to outshine them. We are a first-class digital services company that helps businesses like you take advantage of the internet to further their prosperity. To get started with our services, call us today!

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