What’s the Connection Between Web Hosting and Conversion Rates?

If you are looking at your analytics and wondering why your conversion rates are not what you expect, it could be a problem with your web hosting. Conversion rates are affected by many factors, including your social media services, your content, your web design, and the speed at which your pages load. While you can control many of the factors, if you are not with the right web hosting company, that control could be futile.

What Are Conversion Rates?

In cyber lingo, “conversion rates” are the number of visitors that you can convert to customers. While you may hear all kinds of buzz about traffic, traffic is of little use if you are not converting those visitors into customers.

You can think of traffic in the literal sense. It’s a busy boulevard that is full of cars just zipping by your shop. It is nice to be located on that busy boulevard and have people seeing your storefront, but it is so much nicer if they park their car and stay around long enough to buy something or sign up for your service.

How Can You Improve Your Conversion Rates?

You paid for that killer web design. Your website is highly functional, visually stunning, and really informative. You made sure that you have relevant content that is engaging. You launched that social media campaign to get people to visit your website and click away, yet it is just not working.

If you cannot figure out why you are not getting those conversions, it can be that your web hosting service is slacking. A recent study found that consumers expect a webpage to load in about two seconds. If the page doesn’t load in those two seconds, the visitor tends to navigate away.

Unfortunately, studies also show that many times visitors who find that your website is not loading to their liking will not return. Your web hosting services play a critical role in your page speeds and, ultimately, your conversion rate.

If you are struggling to figure out what is going wrong, the solution can be as simple as switching to the best web hosting Knoxville TN and Naples FL has to offer. Contact South Made Marketing today to get the right support and get the conversion rates that you need.

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