Upcoming Instagram Changes that Can Impact Your Business

Due to social distancing, people are more than ever turning to Social Media platforms and their electronic devices during this time period. And while this is good for social media companies, this then causes an over saturation of posts and makes it more challenging for businesses to get attention.

However, Instagram is rolling out a few new features throughout the next couple of months that could significantly help businesses as they maneuver through this digital transition during COVID-19. Here are some of the new items Instagram plans to roll out:

The Continuing Rise of IGTV

Instagram has been trying for almost two years now to get IGTV up and going. While it didn’t necessarily take off as they had hoped, the social media company is making some adjustments to the feature that could be beneficial for many businesses. Expect to see select channels starting to monetize their IGTV. That means more ads are to appear during your IGTV watchings. Bloomberg reports that creators in this program will receive a 55% share in the advertising profits on IGTV, which is exactly the same rate paid out by YouTube. Influencers, lifestyle blogs, along with cosmetic/beauty companies could benefit from this update.

2. “Latest Post” Feature in the Works

We can all agree that since Instagram changed their algorithm a few years back, the platform isn’t the easiest for businesses or creators to have their products/work seen. Instagram is currently testing a “Latest Post,” feature that will allow users the option to see current posts. Why might this be great for businesses? If your brand has been struggling to be seen, this feature will give you the extra bump in visibility to promote posts, which can give you a bump in the algorithm later on as well.

3. Virtual Reality “Try it On” Feature

The future is here, folks. In certain parts around the world, Instagram has begun testing a virtual reality try it on feature. Major corporations such as Ray Bans have already begun using this feature. It is most likely only being used by major retailers for now, but we can expect in the future for many other companies to have access to this feature.

According to Instagram, this virtual reality feature would be displayed in Stories and be used as if it were a filter.

4. New Interactive Stickers for Stories

With over 400 million daily active Instagram Stories users, the platform is constantly thinking of new things to add to this attention grabbing feature. Instagram is currently testing a Selfie Sticker. Think of it almost like your own personal GIF or if Bit Emoji joined forces with Instagram.
This will benefit businesses by allowing them to be more creative and create engaging content on their profiles.

5. The Sale of Gift Cards Via Your Profile

As shoppers are continuing to purchase products through Instagram, the platform is testing out a new feature that would allow the purchase of gift cards to be made right through the business’ profile. This feature would be added through a secondary link option in the business’ bio. In addition to a link, Instagram is also working on adding a Gift Card Purchase sticker to Instagram Stories.

This feature is huge for many retailers who are having to quickly shift to e-commerce due to COVID-19. This feature will also more than likely encourage Instagram users to help boost morale by supporting local businesses during this time period.

With all of this being said, the importance of Social Media Marketing is continuing to increase and becoming more essential than ever for businesses and organizations. If you’re looking for ways to build your digital brand and billboard, the team at South Made Marketing would love to help with that!

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