Top Trends in 2021 For Search Engine Optimization

A winning search engine optimization strategy must be fluid to be successful. Search engine optimization strategies that are built to be dynamic and stay current are the way to get the SEO results that you are hoping for.

In 2021, digital marketing will continue to be one of the most important marketing tools in your arsenal, with search engine optimization as the backbone. The right digital marketing company will be able to implement the following trends into your search engine optimization and get you the ROI you deserve out of your marketing budget.

Trend Number One – Understanding Searcher Behavior and Intent

Each year you should be doing a reboot when it comes to making users and search intent. While this is not a new trend, it can sometimes be overlooked. It is imperative that search engine optimization is built around understanding the user and their intent.

Understanding the user and their intent helps to develop content that answers their questions. Google is responsible for about 94% of organic traffic. Getting familiar with what the user wants when they pose a search is vital to a successful campaign.

Trend Number Two – Data on Behavior

The focus of SEO used to be all about driving traffic, but once you have the traffic flow, that is not the end of what a great SEO strategy can deliver. This year the focus not only includes driving traffic but collecting data about the behavior of the user.

Search engine optimization is all about delivering value to not only drive traffic but to keep them coming back. Retention and lifetime value should be a focus this year. Post-acquisition content must keep answering customers’ questions. In other words, SEO must have a comprehensive approach to really get the job done.

Trend Number Three – Google’s Core Web Vitals

Google added Core Web Vitals as a ranking tool in 2021. That means to get those coveted SERP positions, total page optimization is a necessity. It is important that your web design is not just about whether your page is understood by web crawlers, and that they have the right speeds, but how your pages make the user feel.

User-centric web design and search engine optimization are going to take on new importance. How easy a website will be able to be navigated on mobile devices, load times, visuals, and more will all become an important part of search engine optimization because of the new Core Web Vitals. Your user experience is now a big consideration for the main search engine.

The Tip of the Iceberg

There are other new trends in SEO that are going to affect how you drive traffic, and how you keep that traffic flowing. The best company for search engine optimization Knoxville, TN has to offer can clue you in to the other trends, and help you get results. Learn more today.

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