Three Instagram Hashtag Tips for Small Businesses


Brand Association with Hashtags

Associating your post with a hashtag will associates your brand with that hashtag as well. It is very important to make sure all of the hashtags you use are terms you want your brand to be identified with. By associating your brand with these hashtags, you are linking your business with similar companies. By doing so, you are allowing your brand to receive awareness from likeminded customers. This is how you grow your target market.

Use Relevant Hashtags that People Enjoy to Follow

Another tip regarding hashtags for content is to use hashtags that have a following. Hashtags are a great way to interact with others. By using general terms relevant to your content and the audience you are trying to reach, you will be able to target them more affectively. People often times follow hashtags that are linked to their interest. Therefore, a company should be using terms that associate with their brand and content. For example, a boutique should be using hashtags that are linked to fashion, clothes, purse, jewelry, shoes, brands that they sell, and ect. These hashtags will allow the post to reach a larger audience.

Take Advantage of the Insight Tools when Switching to a Business Account

All business accounts should have their socials set to business account in settings. This setting allows the account user to see how their account is performing. The insights allow the user to see things such as the number of prospects the business account is reaching, which posts increase the number of profile visits from the audience, and the amount of interaction the business account’s post receives. All of this information is beneficial because it shows you what is performing well and what is not. You can then take this information and have a better understand on direction for your future content.

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