Social Media Management FAQs

A decade ago, social media management didn’t exist. Today, however, most companies are using social media in some capacity, and if they’re not they should be. The problem normally arises though when businesses either don’t have the time, the desire, or the skills to take on their own social media campaigns. Thus, enters the social media manager.

So, Why do I need a Social Media Manager? 

Let’s be honest. Social Media is a full-time job. But you already have a full-time job running a business. We do the work that you don’t have time to do. By hiring a social media manager you can take one modern element of business off your plate to give you more time to focus on the other (many) aspects of your business.

Plus, we know how to, and you probably don’t. At least not on a professional level.  Social Media Managers analyze all the intricacies of how, when and what to post to help generate buzz around your brand. We can evaluate your specific business needs and determine which platforms will be the most beneficial.

Why is Social Media a MUST for business?

Social Media helps you stay current and lets you engage with your clients and community in ways that otherwise, you can’t.

It gives your brand credibility. Much like a customer review (which we will also help you get), by having social media profiles, and followers, you are showing that you are a legitimate business with your hand on the pulse of today’s business market.

Increases your brand’s exposure.  Social Media is like a digital billboard.  It’s imperative that people know you are out there doing business. It helps people find you, engage with you and share your content.

It builds relationships and shows people a different side of your brand. For example, that you have a sense of humor or are interested in sports. You, and therefore your brand, become more than just your logo.

If you’re selling- you’re selling. If you have to sell your brand for your business being able to show potential clients that you have contacts and connections will help you sell your services.

Drive traffic to your website or store! People won’t just stumble onto your blog or website. You have to send them there! And, unless you are in a high traffic location, you have to make people aware you have a storefront and show them what you sell. The best, most effective way to do that is to use social media as your vehicle.

How Much Do I Need To Invest?

Social Media in itself is free. You’re not paying for the platforms. You’re paying for the time, experience, research and expertise. Each brand is unique and has specific needs. Your social media management company should work with you to determine the outcome you’d like to garner from your social media platform(s), and develop a strategy around your budget to best accomplish your goals.

How Often Should We Post? 

That depends. We recommend that most brands post 1x per day. This can be us creating the post, or you or both! But, you should use data to determine when and where to post what. Mondays at noon may be the perfect time to post on Instagram, but not on Facebook. So using data to develop your posting strategy helps with reaching.

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