Mobile User Experience: Dos and Don’ts

We’ve all experienced a poor mobile website. Whether it be horrendous colors or a load time that could enrage anybody, many mobile sites just don’t have what it takes to match up with their desktop equivalents. When you are investing in web design, here are some solid tips and tricks to avoid accidentally creating the nightmare mobile site.

Do: Cater Your Aesthetic

If you are simply adding a mobile element to your already existing web design, most hosts make it very easy to transfer aesthetics over. However, it is very important to acknowledge that younger audiences are going to be the ones primarily utilizing mobile sites over desktops. Thus, minimalistic and trendy fonts paired with sharp, collapsing bars are vital. Photos are great, but be aware that some compositions may clash with your branding. Make that homepage attractive!

Don’t: Overfill Your Pages

When it comes to digital marketing, many companies fail when it comes to this fact: you don’t have to fit all your content on one page! Overcrowding is one of the first things that drive visitors off your page. Don’t throw every single word you have in one spot. A collapsible taskbar offers a little button with tons of information. It routes to exactly what a visitor is looking for, instead of forcing them to swim through an endless sea of text.

Do: Link Your Brand’s Other Platforms

Most website hosts offer an easy “add a footer” option to add links to your business’s other platforms at the bottom of every page on your site. This may seem like a small and insignificant detail, but it’s quite the opposite. This shows a visitor that you have a presence online, and are consequently more trustworthy and experienced. It brings traffic to your other corners of the Internet, and makes your mobile site more official-looking as well!

Don’t: Assume Everything Works Perfectly

The final rule of making a mobile site is to test, test, test! 40% of people will immediately abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load, so visiting your site anonymously is vital to troubleshooting important issues. Your perfectly-functioning mobile site won’t be built in a night, and things can get complicated quickly. A web design company that specializes in social media services can be a great option to help you get your new site just the way you’d like.

All-in-all, a mobile counterpart that is separate from your desktop site is vital to gaining new customers through smartphone searches. Online shopping has skyrocketed during the past three years and is only projected to reach new highs this year. Web design services are more equipped than ever to help you grow your mobile user experience, so don’t let an outdated web design keep your products from growing. Instead, reach out to South Made for the help you need.

Testing responsive web design on phone for Knoxville client

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