How to Grant Access to Google Analytics: A Step-By-Step Guide

Data is something that is looked at each and every day, but often times it helps to have it shared.

Sharing Google Analytics access is something that our marketing team does every single day, but done responsibly. The right amount of access needs to be granted. Such as, you allow too little access and it could add more work later on.

It is all about trust.

Keep reading to find a quick guide explaining how to share access to your Google Analytics.

Step 1: Make sure you are the main person

Even if someone else helped you do your website or social media, you still own your google analytics. Therefore, you should have total access and total control.

Here is how to confirm you are the one in charge:

  1. Click the gear button that is on the bottom left corner to access the Admin component
  2. In the left column or Accounts, click on “Account Access Management”
  3. Select your user name
  4. Confirm that under Permissions the “Manage Users” has the blue checkmark checked off and you are the administrator.

Once this is done, you are now in control and can add, edit, or delete access to anyone. We will now discuss the different levels of access and various types of permissions.

As you saw before, there are 3 columns in the admin sections, so there are 3 Analytics access levels.

  1. The Account: This is the large one. You should only grant this level of access with trusted partners, because this automatically grants access to all properties and views.
  2. The Properties: In the center column is the properties. This could be a website or an app on a mobile device. Generally, there is just one such as the company’s website. This level is suitable for any digital marketing partner.
  3. The Views: There are two views for any property, one view that has filters and one with the unfiltered, raw data. Data can not be changed one it enters analytics so having the unfiltered view is good in case the filters get messed up along the way.
Think of this as top to bottom, so if someone has access to the account they also have access to the properties and views and so forth. When you go to grant access, there are 4 types of permissions.
  1. Edit: Permits the grants user to create and edit filters, goals, and change settings. They can also make new properties and views.
  2. Collaborate: Only allows the user to share and create dashboards, annotate, segment, and save reports. They can not edit anything so there is no room for error.
  3. Read & Analyze: The user is able to see everything, but can not change or save anything.
  4. Manage Users: Are able to add/delete users and change other user’s permissions. This level of access of access can remove anyone else including you the owner, so make sure you trust them.

Now on to the step-by-step guide of how to grant someone access to Google Analytics. For the instructions, the highest level will be granted, but use your instincts.

How to Grand Access to Google Analytics

Below is how to share your Google Analytics with someone, after they have provided you an email address.

  1. Log into Google Analytics.
  2. Click on the little gear icon in the bottom left to get to the Admin component.

3. In the Account column (on the left) select Account Access Management.

4. There is a blue plus button at the top right, click that. Then click Add users.

5. This is where you input the email address you want to grant access to then click Add in the top right.

And that is all! They should get an email notifying them that they now have access. Your Google Analytics account will now be in their account list. Remember, if you see someone in there who should not have access, simply remove them.

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