How to Give Delegate Access in GoDaddy

At South Made Marketing, our agency policy and recommendation to clients is to ALWAYS maintain full control of your domain name registration. Unfortunately, we hear the following statements too often:

how do I access my domain?

I can’t access my domain.

Someone else registered my domain and I don’t have the login.

Your domain is home base for your website, email, etc. which is why we recommend keeping the login private and delegate access through GoDaddy. You are able to invite someone, such as your web designer or developer, to have access to products in your GoDaddy account. People that you grant access to are able to open and use your products, but can not view or change any account information. Here is a step by step how to invite a delegate to your GoDaddy account.

1. In the upper right corner click on your profile.

GoDaddy delegate access guide step 1

2. Scroll down and select Delegate Access.

GoDaddy delegate access guide step 2

3. Below People who can access my account, click on Invite to Access.

GoDaddy delegate access guide step 3

In the next step you will be asked to select the level of access. There are 3 different levels of permissions that can be granted:

  • Products, Domains, & Purchase – Access to manage products, domains, and purchase products using credit cards stored. Can not view or modify the payment information. This is the highest level of access.
  • Products & Domains – Access to manage products and domains only.
  • Domains Only – Permit management actions, transfer actions or do both.

What level to grant the delegate depends on the circumstances and what tasks need to be accomplished.

4. Enter name and email for the person you want to grant access. Then, select an access level. To complete this step click Invite.

GoDaddy delegate access guide step 4Once you select Invite, the person invited will receive an email invitation to access your GoDaddy account. You will be notified once that person accepts and you should now be good to go!

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