How Social Media and Online Marketing Work Together

While marketing was once comprised of paper advertisements, radio spots, and television commercials, today much of the marketing field has become digitized with more and more marketing being conducted via social media. If your business isn’t currently taking advantage of social media management, here is what you need to know.

What is Digital Marketing and Social Media Management?

More than 51% of smartphone uses have discovered a new company or product while searching on their phones. This could be how you find your next loyal customer if you know how to market online effectively. Professional digital marketing services know all of the most current trends, as well as how to use them to your company’s benefit.

For instance, a digital marketing specialist will be up-to-date with the SEO — search engine optimization — techniques and trends that will allow you to tailor your sites for a higher ranking and more organic traffic. Having your main website and social media profiles integrated with SEO can help keep you relevant while also making it easier for searching customers to find you. Without this, you could risk falling behind competitors who are already taking advantage of this process.

Similarly, digital marketing and social media management need to work hand in hand for maximized effectiveness. By staying active across multiple social media platforms you can help grow your audience and increase traffic to your main website. Digital marketing services can help you achieve this by tailoring campaigns that address your target audience and follow current online trends. An active social media campaign also can allow you to present your company in a more trustworthy light, as customers will be able to see and interact with you directly on multiple platforms.

As an example, a customer on Facebook might leave a comment or review that other potential customers can see. By engaging with these comments and showing customers how appreciative you are, you can help show that you value their continued loyalty and draw in others who respect your company’s commitment to its patrons.

Social media is also a sure-fire way to ensure that the maximum amount of customers see your announcements. While you should still update your main site with content, linking those pages to your social media ensures that all customers who follow you get alerted, even if they might not frequent your main website. By linking this content in posts you can help bring more traffic to your site and further maximize engagement.

Work to Create a Schedule

While your professional digital marketing services will help with SEO, webpage design, and online marketing, you might also consider working with them to create a social media schedule. For instance, you want to ensure that you are consistent in your posts. You don’t want to risk going months between posts and losing engagement with your audience. To prevent this, create a weekly calendar to ensure that you have time to create the content needed for whichever social media outlets you’re using. Some businesses will also take advantage of promoting third-party sources that pertain to relevant topics. So if you run a hair salon, you might consider posting an article on trending hair colors. You could also consider setting time aside to respond directly to comments or messages from customers and followers.

Creating the best online presence takes work, but by taking advantage of digital marketing services and professional social media management you can help drive up engagement and capitalize on the power of social media. By working with an outside source like this, you can ensure that you don’t lose time or money trying to balance everything yourself, while also taking advantage of professionals who know the business. If you want your business to succeed in the online market, reach out to a professional service today to learn more about your options and what they can do to help you to continue growing your business.

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