Facebook Still Holds the Crown

Can you remember when you first created your Facebook account? Sitting in as one of social media’s oldest platforms, it was created in 2004. And by 2012, it had claimed the title of “Largest social network in the world,” with over one billion account users. With it’s rather interesting background/history, we will spare the details, just watch The Social Network to see what we mean- one could even argue that Facebook paved the way for almost all social platforms today.

And then just when it seemed like a new social media platform, Instagram had claimed the title- Facebook returned to take back the crown. But if we are being honest, it never actually left.

Facebook Still Holds the Crown

If we are talking number of users, Facebook still tops the list with over 2.072 billion users. Instagram follows with 800 million users and Twitter currently has 330 million users. Throughout the globe, Facebook is even voted as the most used social platform, with 79% of users being American.

Business Pages Are Where It’s At

So just how many businesses have a Facebook business page? Currently there are over 65 million business Facebook pages. And that’s where we ask the question: Why? Why are so many organizations still so active on this platform? There are few things that we believe play a role in this:

Facebook Messenger: Along with WhatsApp, Messenger handles 60 billion messages a day. More people are skipping phone calls in general and going straight for Messenger as their main way of contacting businesses. And Facebook has caught on to this. Business Page owners are able to view their average response time. This all plays into that “instant” mindset. People are expecting 24/7 customer service. Instagram DMs can sometimes get lost/hidden due to the business owner not following whomever sent the message. Therefore- this makes Facebook Messenger more reliable. So, if businesses are expected to respond promptly and efficiently, all while running their actual business, one can imagine that it’s hard to keep up. That’s where hiring digital marketing services truly comes in handy.
Age: Around 70% of Facebook users happen to be adults. While Instagram, YouTube, Snap Chat, and TikTok are more popular amongst teenagers. Although many can argue that Facebook is dead- the real ones who are making the majority of purchases within the home are adults. In fact, people between the ages of 55-65 are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content versus someone who is under the age of 28.

So What Now?

Facebook is identified to be one of most famous social media platforms for businesses to find new customers and increase their brand awareness. We believe this to still hold truth, however we don’t think a business should put all their eggs in one basket. The more platforms, the more exposure for your business, right? In fact, we recently discussed in a previous blog our strategies on getting brand marketing right- you can check that out here.

In a world where Instagram influencers dominate, Facebook still holds the reigns of the Social Media kingdom. And don’t you forget it.

Looking to increase your digital brand awareness? We can help with that!

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