Don’t Do These 5 Things on Your Website!

Having an excellent website is crucial whether you are launching an e-commerce storefront, providing a product or service, or setting up a portfolio for your work. This is because your website will be one of the primary ways prospective clients interact with your brand. Here are five simple things you should avoid doing on your website.

1. Creating a Poorly Designed Website

It’s no secret that many people find poorly designed websites too complicated and unenjoyable to handle. According to Google, roughly 61% of users will never revisit a website once they find out it’s poorly designed, and 40% of them will check out a competitor. This means that a lackluster website design can be crippling for a business, as it will ruin its potential for success. Therefore, you should make sure that the design of your website is the best it can be before launching it.

Consider the accessibility of your website and the simplicity of the user interface. Make sure that your navigation bar is user-friendly, and that it is easy to find what you are looking for on your site.

2. Neglecting the Site’s Loading Speed

The site’s loading speed plays a critical role in determining whether a prospective client gets to see your website or make a purchase from your e-commerce platform. People tend to give up visiting a website if it takes longer than a couple of seconds to load. Therefore, having a faster loading website increases its number of visitors and e-commerce sales. Work to test out your loading speeds on desktop and mobile as often as you can.

3. Making the Website Content Confusing

As you put effort into having an excellent website design, you should also prioritize having flowing and easily understandable content. When you have confusing or rambling content on your website, the users will have difficulty finding what they want, which will discourage them from visiting again.

4. Copying Trends Verbatim

When designing your website, you might be tempted to follow the current trends. Currently, flat design is all the rage, while parallax effects were the trend around 2013. Trends come and go; therefore, you shouldn’t center your entire brand on a trend. Instead, incorporate small details like animations and graphics that follow current trends. This way, you can keep your website fresh and new without jeopardizing the design as a whole.

5. Hiding Contact Information

You shouldn’t bury your business contact information deep within your website pages. Instead, you should place it in a section that it’s easily accessible. Many designers put this info in a footer or sidebar. This will allow interested clients and partners to reach you, broadening your growth opportunities.

Do You Need Website Design Assistance?

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