Confessions of Social Media Gurus: Knowing When It’s Time to Unplug

Social Media has been heavily involved in people’s lives for over a decade now. Within the last few years, social media platforms have continued to rise and influence businesses and people throughout the entire globe. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you are familiar with social media and chances are you have at least one profile on a social platform.


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As a digital marketing company based out of Knoxville, Tennessee- we can honestly talk about social media all day. We live, eat, and breathe Instagram! We are constantly keeping up with the latest trends of social media, if you have not already, check out our recent post on our favorite Instagram apps that will help up your Instagram Game.

The average social user spends around 2 hours and 22 minutes total per day on social media. Our Social Account Managers have the average beat- we spend around 8-9 hours a day on Social Media. We often will begin our scrolling routine at 5:00 am and sometimes that does not end until 9:00 pm. We’re creating content and posting pretty much all day, every day.

Although we see the tremendous benefit in social media, hence our latest post on the best social media platforms for marketing your business, we believe that there should be a healthy balance. Knowing when it’s time to unplug and let your brain relax is important.



Here are five ways that you can slowly cure your social media addiction (Let’s be real. . . we’re all hooked):

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1. Replacing Your Phone With an Alarm Clock

We’re bringing back the alarm clock! 91% of all social media users access platforms via mobile devices. And guess what? Most people are late night scrolling and then as soon as they wake up, they’re back to it. Studies show that screen time before going to bed actually makes it harder for a person to settle down and completely messes with your internal clock. Like most people, Taylor was using his cell phone as his alarm clock. With constant notifications throughout the night and late night scrolling, he was not getting the best night’s sleep. He now charges his phone in a different room at night and uses an alarm clock. Not sure where to find one? Great news- alarm clocks are still for sale pretty much everywhere. And vintage is back, so you’re basically one of the cool kids.

2. Designating Screen Free Time

Like most people, our phones and computers are practically glued to our hands. Melissa has implemented screen free time into her after-hours routine. After 6:00 pm, she tries to not be on her phone and spend time with her family. And this doesn’t just apply to her, everyone in her household has to participate in “no screen” time. That’s right- real interactions, real life, real time.

3. Taking Advantage of Do Not Disturb Mode / Silent

It’s 2019, we completely understand that it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without a cell phone on you. But do you really need your classic iPhone ringtone on at all times? Probably not. Meg uses Do Not Disturb during certain times of the day so that there are no distractions. Studies have seen correlation between ADHD and high levels of cell phone usage throughout a majority of ages ranging from children to adults. How does one stay on task when their notifications are dinging left and right?

4. Disconnecting Your Smart Devices

Take a look around the room- how many people do you see with a Smart Watch on? Smart Watches, like the Apple Watch, are great. They help track our steps, calories, heart rate- all of the good stuff. But disconnecting them from your messages or emails really helps keep your sanity! Think about the times you have checked your Apple Watch because you thought you had a notification, but there was nothing there- see the problem?

5. Reading a Real Book

Call us crazy, but there’s nothing like a real book! The smell of the paper, holding it in your hands, making notes on your favorite page, etc. A great way to unplug is by taking some time to read. Instead of reading a book on a digital device, Derek tries to read paper books. Did you know that reading on paper can actually help with your memory? Studies show that reading on paper instead of an electric screen is better for memory retention and focus!

6. Making the Weekends be about the Weekend

Weekends are made for spending time doing the things that you love! One thing that the entire team of South Made is trying to do is live in the actual moment. Instagram is great, but there is a time when you should put the phone down and live. When she is not designing logos or awesome content, our Graphic Designer, Jenn likes to spend the weekend with her friends and family. Jenn will often enjoy cocktail hour with friends and tries to refrain from posting or checking her social media during that time. More bubbly, less likes. (: Just kidding!

All of these are simple and incredibly easy to incorporate into your daily routine. It’s a digital world we live in, but don’t forget to unplug occasionally!

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