Common Web Design Mistakes that can Harm SEO

Having a website for your business or brand is a critical part of an overall marketing strategy. To make sure it’s as effective as it should be, you need to make sure you’re up to date with current best practices and you’re implementing them. One such thing is your website design. If you’re curious about mistakes you may be making that could harm your SEO and directly affect your website ranking, read on.

Slow Website Loading Speeds

Successful web design involves pages that load so fast that a user does not get bored waiting for content that they can probably find elsewhere. Make sure that your website has decent loading speeds by avoiding using images and files that are too large. Also, use a quality theme that has been tested for fast loading speeds. This will impact how quickly your website loads, helping you hold your visitor’s attention. Website page speed does impact SEO.

Poor Use of Popups

Popups are great for web owners, but they’re a pain for website users and visitors. If you don’t want to get rid of them altogether, make them as bearable as possible for your site’s visitors. You may set them to start appearing after a visitor has been on your site for about 30 seconds, for instance. This strategy can be more beneficial than a barrage of popups appearing at once. Good organization of quality popups will work wonders for your web design and have visitors spending more time browsing your site.

Lack of SEO Quality Content

Lack of quality content, or having thin content, is something that negatively impact SEO. People use the internet to learn new things, find items, or get a problem solved. If your site is not doing any of these, it’s a sure sign you have thin content. Solve this by having product pages which you will then fill with quality and informative copy.

A Website That’s Not Mobile Friendly hurts SEO

If people visiting your website have a hard time navigating it, there’s a good chance that they will leave pretty fast. With the majority of people accessing the internet through mobile devices, a responsive website design should be utilized. Hubspot confirms, stating over 51% of people who use smartphones have discovered a product or company via mobile search. A quality built website, with mobile and responsive considerations is great for SEO.

When building a website, make sure to cover all points and give users the best possible experience. This will inspire them to keep coming back, and improve your site’s SEO.

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