4 Unsung Components of SEO Services

With nearly two billion websites as of 2019, search engine optimization (or SEO) is essential. Without SEO services, your business’s website could, quite literally, never be found.

The basics of SEO rely on a few key components:

  • Search engines use algorithms to rank websites
  • Search engines crawl your website looking for the parameters that go into their algorithms
  • SEO’s goal is to configure your website so that search engine algorithms generate a high ranking for your selected keywords

Most business owners understand this process and rightly hire a digital marketing company to handle their SEO. But what are the differences between good SEO services and great SEO services? Here are four unsung components of SEO:

Finding Unique Keywords

Although the keyword “dentist” might distinguish you from the vast majority of websites, there are still 200,000 practicing dentists in the United States alone. So, good SEO services can only get you into the top 200,000 or so search results.

Great SEO services, however, can narrow this down considerably. One way of doing this is to find different keywords that set you apart from other websites. Targeting the keyword “dentist in Knoxville” may narrow the results to only dentists in your geographic area. “Cosmetic dentist in Knoxville,” or another specialization, will narrow results even more.

Great SEO services are designed to find out what people are actually searching for, rather than what you think they are searching for. For example, your SEO specialists might discover that the search term “pain free dentist” is heavily searched, but returns few results in your area. You can then incorporate this keyword into your SEO strategy and corner the market for an entire search term.

Finding Different Ways to Use Keywords

The way SEO services actually incorporate keywords into your website can distinguish good SEO services from great SEO services. “Good” SEO services often engage in keyword stuffing; this is the practice of loading up both onsite content and hidden codes with your keywords. The drawback is that it only works up to a point before being penalized.

Great SEO services avoid keyword stuffing. Instead, these services incorporate keywords onto your site naturally to avoid penalization and other black hat options. Examples may include:

  • Incorporating keywords into URLs
  • Developing content that utilizes keywords like videos, blogs, e-books and reports, charts, graphs, and infographics
  • Mixing up keywords with some pieces of content focusing on a particular keyword and other pieces of content targeting another
  • Using keywords in context and avoiding keywords that are unnatural or grammatically incorrect

Attracting Backlinks

By most measures, backlinking and sharing your content are the most influential factors in search engine algorithms. Business directories, review sites, and your social media pages will link to your website to boost your presence online. Good SEO may stop there. But to truly benefit from backlinks, great SEO will find a way to attract websites with high authority, like news sites, to link to your website.

There are no shortcuts or guarantees to getting high-quality backlinks. However, the strategy for attracting backlinks usually includes:

  • Developing and posting high-quality content on your site
  • Using SEO best practices to ensure your content can be found
  • Sharing your content on social media
  • Reaching out to authoritative websites and blogs to make them aware of your content

Finding Other Ways to Attract Visits

About half of all search phrases are at least four words long. This means that keywords are not the end-all, be-all of search engines. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Natural language searching encourages people to type the way they talk
  • Voice search allows people to search in the way they talk
  • People are overwhelmed with search results, so they naturally start with narrower searches

Some of the words used in searches do not rise to the level of keywords. However, finding them and incorporating them into your website improve your chances of connecting with potential customers. For example, if you run a fitness center, research by SEO services in Knoxville TN may reveal that a high number of voice searches are directed to “fitness centers with childcare.” You are not in the childcare business, but this realization may prompt you to promote the childcare provided at your fitness center more heavily to lead these searches to your website.

Great SEO is not magic. It is the product of a thoughtful approach to getting your website noticed. When you’re ready to invest in SEO services you can trust, rely on South Made today.

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