3 SEO Basics Every Digital Marketer Needs To Know

The creation of the internet has brought about a plethora of additional avenues marketers can take to connect with their audience. It has also made it easier to track the success of your marketing campaigns, and has given you an ability to understand the decisions your consumers make even if they don’t have the vocabulary to describe the reasoning themselves. This is why it is absolutely essential that marketers know how to navigate the digital landscape using search engine optimization, or SEO, best practices. If you have been curious how you can utilize SEO services, check out these three basic SEO tips.

Utilize Keywords

Keywords are subject-specific and help search engines match the user with relevant results. An example of a keyword phrase for a user looking for car dealerships could be “cheap used cars” or “used Toyota Rav 4”. As a company or brand, your website gets found if the keywords on your website match what the user searches, or if they are similar to the subject being searched. 50% of search queries are four words or longer, so it is recommended that you try to utilize keyword phrases to increase your search rankings. To implement keywords on your site, use these phrases in blogs, product or service descriptions, meta tags, and alt text descriptions.

Implement ALT Text

Alternative text, or alt text for short, helps search engines understand what is in photos that you post on your site. Although search engines can guess what an image is, it is generally a very broad guess that doesn’t accurately describe what is actually in the photo. For example, a photo of the character Michael Scott from the TV show The Office may get identified as “man wearing a suit” if there is no alt text written for the image. Although this description is technically correct, it would not appear in searches for Michael Scott or The Office. Writing alt descriptions also helps you insert more keywords into your site, and can make your site more accessible to users with a visual impairment.

Alt text is so important for search engine optimization because the alt text will appear if the photo doesn’t load on the page, and the description will be read by screen readers for users with a visual impairment. Writing alt text for images on social media can also help with social media management, as it can help your posts get found organically.

Seek Out Backlinks

Backlinks refer to other websites that post a link to your page on their site. Search engines assume your website is more credible if you have other sites linking back to yours, and will, therefore, rank your page higher in search results in an attempt to provide the most relevant data to users. You can reach out to webmasters and ask them to backlink to your site if you think their site would benefit, or you can receive organic backlinks by posting informational blogs.

Final Thoughts

Search engine optimization is an important component of online marketing. It helps your website rank higher in search queries, and can make your content more accessible with customized alt text descriptions on your images. If you utilize these three basic SEO strategies, you’ll be getting more website visitors in no time.

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