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Reimagining The Oyster Society's Restaurant Marketing

What began as a collaborative effort between The Oyster Society and South Made for a social media campaign swiftly evolved into a holistic rebranding endeavor, mirroring the transformation seen with Davinci's Marco Island. Initially engaged to elevate their digital footprint, South Made's strategic approach not only breathed new life into their online presence but triggered a comprehensive reimagining of The Oyster Society's entire brand identity. The project expanded beyond the realms of social media, extending into a complete overhaul of their visual identity, menus, website, and more. This comprehensive rebranding initiative aimed to encapsulate the essence of The Oyster Society, creating a cohesive and appealing aesthetic that resonated across various brand elements. South Made's versatile creative vision seamlessly integrated into every facet of their identity, showcasing our commitment to delivering transformative solutions that transcend digital boundaries.

Social Media

The Social Media element needed to visually tell the story of the restaurant, showcase the ambiance of the space and the range of offerings from hand-crafted cocktails, sake selection, wines, beer to their unique and ever-changing menu items. The visual story-telling needed to entice people to want to come in and try the dishes but more than that - it needed to explain the concept.

Web Design Curated For Your Audience

Effective marketing requires more than just a single channel. It requires a coordinated approach across all platforms, including social media, email, SEO, and more. At South Made Marketing, we understand the importance of an integrated marketing strategy, which is why we handle everything for you.

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