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Markman's Brand Enhancement with South Made Marketing

When Markman's Jewelers embarked on the journey to enhance their brand for a refined experience, they turned to South Made for an all-encompassing solution. Entrusted with shaping the brand identity, our collaboration extended across various dimensions, beginning with a meticulous design process that epitomized the essence of Markman's. From ideating exquisite menus to visually representing the elegance of their offerings, South Made was deeply involved in crafting a narrative that mirrored the sophistication of the jewelry they presented. Our partnership seamlessly expanded into social media strategy, custom content creation, and web design, where every detail was thoughtfully curated to showcase the timeless beauty of Markman's collections. As with any fine jewel, precision and attention to detail were paramount, and South Made delivered a comprehensive solution that not only elevated Markman's Jewelers' digital presence but also encapsulated the essence of luxury and refinement across all aspects of their brand.

Social Media

The Social Media element needed to visually tell the story of the restaurant, showcase the ambiance of the space and the range of offerings from hand-crafted cocktails, sake selection, wines, beer to their unique and ever-changing menu items. The visual story-telling needed to entice people to want to come in and try the dishes but more than that - it needed to explain the concept.
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