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Create a unique Japanese dining experience

The NAMA Hospitality Group came to us with a concept - bring a truly unique Japanese dining experience to Knoxville. The concept is called Omakase, a Japanese phrase used when ordering food in restaurants. It means ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ from Japanese, ‘to entrust’. Starting with that idea and a name, KOYO, we built branding that was elevated and calm, inspired by Japanese symbols. Having this minimal style allowed for KOYO's dishes to speak out as its own design element and story. Developing a website and photography style that allows the business to speak for itself is the only way to truly represent a brand.

Social Media

The Social Media element needed to visually tell the story of the restaurant, showcase the ambiance of the space and the range of offerings from hand-crafted cocktails, sake selection, wines, beer to their unique and ever-changing menu items. The visual story-telling needed to entice people to want to come in and try the dishes but more than that - it needed to explain the concept.

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