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A Comprehensive Digital and Brand Transformation

South Made Marketing took the helm of Balter Beerworks' digital presence with the goal of revitalizing their brand image and sparking renewed interest in both their beer offerings and restaurant. Over the course of several months, our collaboration proved instrumental in not only elevating their social media presence but also establishing a visually compelling identity. Beyond managing successful social media campaigns, South Made extended its expertise to graphic design projects, crafting eye-catching t-shirt designs, merchandise, and print advertising materials. This multifaceted approach not only strengthened Balter's brand appeal but also demonstrated our capacity for comprehensive marketing solutions. The success of our initial endeavors prompted Balter Beerworks to enlist South Made for website design and SEO campaigns, further solidifying our partnership as the go-to creative force in enhancing their online footprint and overall market presence.

Social Media

The Social Media element needed to visually tell the story of the restaurant, showcase the ambiance of the space and the range of offerings from hand-crafted cocktails, sake selection, wines, beer to their unique and ever-changing menu items. The visual story-telling needed to entice people to want to come in and try the dishes but more than that - it needed to explain the concept.
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