Hallie Marsh

Marketing Manager

The Basics: 

Hometown: Memphis, TN

College: University of Tennessee

Favorite Color: Black & Green

Primary Role At South Made: Social Media Team

Favorite Thing To Do At Work: Brainstorm with our super creative team!

How She Takes Her Coffee: With an extra shot of espresso and caramel

Favorite Thing To Listen To At Work: Hype-up music

Mantra: Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself.

A Little More About Hallie: 

Hallie is a Lead Social Media Manager in Knoxville, and works in the Knoxville marketing office, but as a lead, she also travels to Marco Island and works directly with the social media managers in Naples Florida and Marco Island as well.

Hallie is a very strong researcher and uses her experience managing various social media campaigns to help coach and train the newer members of the South Made Marketing team. A typical day in the office for Hallie is anything but “typical”. She spends the majority of her day working on various social media marketing tasks, shooting and creating Reels and TikToks and building social media campaigns. When she isn’t in the office she is on location taking pictures and meeting with clients. She is a strong communicator and has excellent attention to detail.

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