Derek Lushbaugh


Derek founded a boutique web design firm ZBolt Designs in 2004 where he built a variety of website for small to medium sized businesses across the United States, Italy, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. In 2014 Derek combined forces with Melissa who owned South Made Marketing to be able to offer their clients a full-service marketing option. In 2015 the pair relocated their marketing company to Knoxville.

Now, Derek is the Senior Web Developer where he manages the search engine optimization and web design teams as well as coordinates various marketing campaigns between the marketing departments. In short, he works in many areas including Project Management, Operations and Business Development, as well as Web Design, SEO and SEM.

Derek is very detail oriented and results driven. A typical day for Derek is spent identifying and solving problems across a wide landscape, as well as working with the graphic design team to envision, design, and deploy websites that tell a brand story. But he also helps with IT, email, SEO and on and on and on…

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